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Welocme to the offical De_Void Website!

De_Void is an indie video game in development.

What is De_Void?

De_Void is a game about surviving in a world where the monsters are far more powerful then you. You must gather resources and craft tools to defend yourself from fierce and powerfull monsters and foes. De_Void is different from many other games because of its unique wound system, rather then having health deducted when hit, the player instead gets a blunt or sharp wound that slowly takes out health. These wounds can heal by themselves while the more critical ones must be repaired with splints or bandages.

De_Void has many RPG features such as an experience system and a Day & Night cycle. Players can evolve thier character and craft more powerful weapons. This game also has hunger and energy that the player must keep up. The vitamin system also provides more realism.



  • Day & Night System
  •  (Blood Effects & Particles
  • Inventory and Tools
  • Crafting and Cooking
  • Hunger and Energy System
  • Exprience System
  • Vitamin System
  • Stats (Defence, Attack, etc.)
  • Combat System
  • Much more!!

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0.5.7 (latest)

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